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Ron has extensive experience  in the following discplines:
Akashic Reading imagine



I specialize in connecting with your energy, tapping into the wisdom of your higher self to guide you toward a life of ease, grace, and flow. Imagine gaining a unique perspective aligning with your true path and purpose. A reading is not about predictions, but about revealing hidden truths and pointing out blind spots that may be hindering your progress. In a session, I provide clarity, guidance, tools, techniques, and understanding.

unfolding path spread

In an advisorship session my guides and I help to guide you towards a life of happiness and flow. Our approach brings clarity and understanding, unveiling the miracles that await when as you align with your inner source. Let the currents of your inner begin guide you towards a fulfilling and purposeful life. Discover the magic within, as we illuminate the path to profound self-discovery and spiritual alignment.

  If you feel called to work with me please feel free to Email me at with the title being Advisorship.

I look forward to hearing from you



I offer a variety of group and individual course to assist you in opening up to your own guidance. Helping you to learn how spirit speaks to you. 

Soul Guidance Session

Eight weeks of Guidance

Step into a world of miracles with our exclusive Miracle Mindset Perception Service! Picture this: every Monday, you'll receive a personalized video, crafted just for you. This unlisted YouTube gem is filled with powerful insights, using a variety of  cards, specialized tools, and messages from the spirit to guide you through the upcoming week. Whether you prefer to have this miracle-packed experience delivered straight to your email or through the convenience of Zoom we've got you covered. For a more  Elevate your week with the magic of Miracle Mindset Perception – a unique service designed to illuminate your path, inspire clarity, and infuse your life with the miraculous. Don't miss out on the transformative journey that awaits you every Monday!

Lets walk home together

Live Soul Guidance session, where we delve deep into a specific area of your life that may be presenting challenges. This personalized and interactive session is designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical solutions rooted in spiritual principles.


During our session, we explore various tools, such as EFT, meditation, and oracle cards, tailored to guide you through the complexities of the chosen life aspect. Imagine a safe space where you can openly discuss your struggles and receive expert guidance on navigating through them.


Please note, while we offer profound spiritual insights, we do not handle legal or medical concerns, ensuring a focused and purposeful discussion. Our commitment is to empower you to overcome obstacles, elevate your mindset, and align with a path of greater ease and fulfillment.


Book your Live Soul Guidance session today and experience the transformative impact of personalized spiritual guidance on the specific challenges you're facing. Let's embark on this journey together towards a more empowered and aligned life.

Reading Parties 
  in Person or Online (Zoom)

Live Zoom Reading Party

An In-Person Reading party is when I come to your physical location and do 15min reading for you and others at your location. The location can not be more than 1hr away and there must be at least 5 people attending. The price listing for this is 

15min-$25 this is per person you can choose to pay as a group or separately 

additional time is in 10min increments and for each 10min that passes, it is $10.

If the location is more than 1hr away The price will increase by $10 per person for gas

A Zoom reading party is when we set up a zoom meeting and I give readings. You must have a strong and stable internet connection, and there must be at least 5 attendings. The price listing for this is 

15min-$25 this is per person you can either pay as a group or separately 

additional time is in 10min increments and for each 10min that passes, it is $10.

If you would like to book an event please email with the subject line (reading party in person) or (reading party over zoom).

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