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Learning to Respond not React.

Join our Higher Communication Course, a four-module class rooted in the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles. Learn to integrate your higher self into everyday conversations, mastering the art of listening and responding instead of reacting.


Week 1: Lay the foundation by exploring your presence in triggering conversations.


Week 2: Dive into healing meditation.


Week 3: Discover the difference between intent and content in listening.


Week 4: Gain practical tips, tools, and techniques to navigate conversations when triggered."

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Finding Your True Desire

This course is your guide to uncovering your true desires rather than endlessly chasing wants. Broken into three modules:

Module 1: Establishing the foundation by understanding wants. Module 2: Defining desires and initiating the process of discovering yours. Module 3: Guided exercises to help you identify and clarify your desires

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Money Mindset

Money Mindset is a 3-module course designed to help you shed old, limiting beliefs about money and construct a fresh perspective. Gain techniques to not only adopt but sustain this new mindset.

Week 1: Explore your existing beliefs about money, whether positive or negative.

Week 2: Practice self-forgiveness and embrace a renewed mindset about money.

Week 3: Learn strategies to maintain your new money mindset and address any challenges from your old mindset

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